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Transitioning Service members, Veterans/First Responders, Military/First Responder Spouses, and others wanted.

Discover Your Next Chapter

DOD SkillBridge Overview

“In 8 weeks, service members enrolled in our DOD SkillBridge Program will become trained and licensed in financial services. They will attain skills ranging from retirement strategies, business strategies, insurance protection, legacy strategies, tax advantages, sales techniques, and will become fluent with the most up-to-date financial computer service modeling. They will socialize and acclimate with a multitude of Veterans, families of Veterans, and financial professionals ranging from the level of Training Associate to Executive Chairman. DOD SkillsBridge Program Associates (DSPAs) will attend weekly webinars, strategy sessions, and in-person development seminars. At the end of the course, they will have the opportunity to conclude their separation from service to step into a “be your own boss” role and work remotely allowing them to choose part-time or full-time in our industry. Our mission statement and goal for this program is “No Veteran Left Behind”, and to have a licensing through employment success rate of no less than 100%.”

Let us get you connected. Where are we located?

Ft. Campbell, KY/Greater Nashville, TN area.

Ryan Norwood – Program Director.

Remote- All other areas in the United States/Canada.

Our Services


DOD SkillBridge Program

Servicemembers leaving the military the opportunity for an internship into the Financial Services industry.


Veterans/First-Responder Employment (part/full-time)

If you are already Honorably Discharged, we have the ability to streamline your training on the same 8 week course as the DOD SkillBridge, with the caveat that this employment option allows for a more streamlined process for your journey into the Financial Services industry.


Other Financial Opportunities

  • Financial Freedom.

  • Revenue Partnership.

  • Business Partnership.


Military/First-Responder Spouse Employment

If you are a Spouse seeking remote part or full-time employment allowing you your freedom of time and family flexibility, please message us.



Lucas Thompson

"Transitioning from the military to the financial industry was a daunting leap, but with I feel I now have found a rewarding second career allowing me the flexibility to enjoy my time and family."

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