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About Fatigues to Finance

This project aims to provide comprehensive support and resources for veterans looking to transition into successful careers as financial professionals. By leveraging the unique skills, discipline, and leadership experience gained through military service, veterans can excel in the financial industry. The program will offer specialized training, mentorship opportunities, networking events, and job placement assistance to help veterans navigate the complexities of the financial sector and achieve long-term career growth and stability. Through this initiative, we seek to empower veterans to leverage their strengths and make a meaningful impact in the financial world while fostering a community that values their contributions and dedication.


Mission Statement 

At F2F, we understand the multitude of emotions that come with separating from the military and how cumbersome the next steps can feel. That is why at F2F, we stand by the values instilled upon each and every Veteran. That is why every member on our team stands by and echoes our mission statement,
No Veteran left behind"

Program Director (Ft Campbell, KY/Nashville, TN) Ryan Norwood.

Ryan has spent 23 years in the military, with nearly two decades serving in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). Across both CONUS/OCONUS environments he served in various leadership positions up to the Executive levels. Because of his experiences in the SOF community and learned leadership techniques, he developed a skillset he sought to use to give back to the Veteran community, as well as a vision that led to the development of F2F. With a focus in continued mentorship for others, fostering of teamwork, and ensuring the collective mission success of our Veterans as they seek post-military employment options his intent is to continue to serve our Nation and its servicemembers. NSDQ 🇺🇸

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Satellite Director (Ft Carson, CO/Colorado Spring, CO) Nathan Wheeler.

Nathan is a military professional with 11 years of distinguished service, culminating with 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). After transitioning from active duty, he contracted with the government to train military personnel and played a pivotal role in developing and facilitating senior leader courses for the Unites States Space Force. His expertise led him to a position with one of the combatant commands, writing the campaign order, showcasing his strategic acumen. Following a successful tenure at Deloitte as a Senior Consultant, Nathan made a bold career shift, leaving 17 years of government service to enter the financial services industry. This transformation allowed him to pursue his true passion - impacting lives and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. RLTW 🇺🇸

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Certified Field Trainers

  • Christian Day

  • Anthony Duncan

  • Michael Ager

  • Caleb Bergamini

  • Corey Thompson

  • Samuel Johnson

  • Phillip Sugg

  • Brennan West

  • Amanda Hackler-Roy

  • Sarah Snyder

  • Mike Castaneda

  • Kris O’Neill

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